Reno Air Races 2012

Still here trying to catch up on old projects. I think it was a miracle that the Air Races occurred in 2012, after the terrible crash in 2011. I've been going to see them since I was very young, and have only missed the event three times since 1964. So, I have thousands of photos from many years of races. Each year I try to focus on what is new and different. This year they had a skydiver who lost both legs to open the event..


The usual assortment of military hardware:


This year, since it was unsure as to whether the event would even happen, they were unable to get any of the military precision teams such as the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels. But they invited the Patriots, a private team made up of former military pilots. The Patriots fly old Czech L-29's, but they are fun to watch, with their colorful smoke and dynamic choreography. Because the planes are slower, they are able to maneuver more tightly in the airshow space and spend less time away maneuvering for position. They are getting better every year.


The rest of the images are in the Galleries section of my website: