Fun with "Bad HDR" at American Flats

Last year, our local meet up photo group had a photo outing to American Flats, an abandoned cyanide mill near Virginia City. The 4-story concrete buildings were erected in 1920 and closed in 1926. All that remains is the concrete skeleton. Since then, it's been covered in graffiti, buried in tons of broken glass, spattered by paintball warriors, and abused as a teen-age party hangout. With all of it's eerie beauty, it was a candidate for some post-processing experiments. I used three different HDR programs: Photomatix, Nik's HDR Efex, and Photoshop's built-in function. Then I killed it further using plug-ins by Topaz and Nik. So, these are in no way meant to be "good", just fun. 

There are a few images in this post, if you want to see more, they are on the Galleries page on my website...