Shelter Shots - Jan. 8

This week's photo session at the Nevada Humane Society: My partner, Bria Hansen and I both photographed this week, so these are kitties that I photographed. I enjoy sharing the photography with Bria, so I get to play with the cats too! Set design and cat wrangling by Kathy Parker.

This is Cosmo - an 11 year-old male who has been at the shelter for about a month:


This is Betty, a six year-old female that arrived at the shelter just after the first of the year. She was a very sweet kitty:


This is Magic Mike - a three and a half year-old male. Very sweet, a little shy, beautiful cat:


This is Snickers, a 12 year old male. He's been at the shelter for a couple of months and is really lovable. He makes some interesting sounds and has a lot of personality.


And finally, this is Jazman, who has been at the shelter since late September. He is a sweet cat, but just did not want to look at the camera. He was much more interested in getting his ears scratched than having his portrait done.