Max and Kalinka

Max and Kalinka are two gorgeous Samoyed huskies that belong to my friends, Joe and Frann Horton. They are siblings, pure white, with some of the softest fur I've ever felt. Ever since I read "Call of the Wild" in fourth grade, I have wanted a husky. So it was a privilege to photograph these two:


Joe and Frann live in the forest, so it was just natural to take them outside for some photos:


I thought it would be cool to use the sun as a backlight and having it shine through their fur. The effect was a little more dramatic than I had thought, next time need to tone it down a bit…..


Next, we moved indoors for a few photos by the fireplace:


And, finally a few on one of the chairs. Initially I did not notice the plant behind their heads, way too much Photogshop time, lesson learned for next time. Thanks Joe and Frann for letting me photograph your beautiful dogs!