Welcome to My New Website and Blog

Welcome to my NEW website! I have kind of gotten fed up with Wordpress and decided to move to Squarespace for the new site. Hopefully it will be easier to keep fresh material on here.  I've changed the name because I think TabbyCat Photography was a little restrictive, since I do photograph a variety of things. That said, I am going to focus on pet photography so I might resurrect that site at some point. For now, my pet photography will be included on this site under it's own menu item.

The Portfolio section highlights my favorite images and will be updated as I get new favorites. The Galleries pages will feature current and past projects in more detail, for example, vacations and sporting events. Those will get updated as I slog through my backlog of personal projects and travels.

The blog will be a challenge for me - I'm not really a wordy person, and writing comes hard for me. I usually can say what I want to say in a couple of sentences. But practice is good, and hopefully I'll be able to pass on interesting and entertaining information.

So enjoy, please let me know if you have constructive comments - I'm not a designer, or a coder, and this is still very much a work in progress.